Five Quick Fixes For Big Improvements Around Your Home – Home & Garden

Spring Home Improvement Scams

Try pouring baby powder over the noisy area.Then, wrap a block of wood in a dish rag and tap the boards down with a hammer to drive the powder between the tongue and groove of the flooring and tighten the nails holding it in place. It may not work in all instances but Ive had great success with this process, says Manfredini. Accent with Paint: To update a room without investing much time or money, paint one wall an accent color. Half of all paint sold in the US is white, so why not add bold color to your home like blue, red or even tangerine? Prep by lightly sanding the entire surface. Patch any holes and then paint using a paint and primer in one. Two coats will give you the depth of color you want and should take only an afternoon. Light it up: To save money and help the environment, switch to LED light bulbs.

“The highest number of complaints and inquiries coming into the BBB are all home improvement related,” said the Better Business Bureau’s Joan Coughlin. She suggests checking out companies with the BBB and Ohio Attorney General’s office before spending large sums of money with them. She says you should ask contractors for references from past customers and check with those customers to see if they were satisfied. Consumers have a three-day right to cancel most door-to-door sales and businesses must give written notice of that right.


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