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Seattle startup throws hardhat into home improvement arena |
KING5.com Seattle

A time when everyone shakes off the last chills of a long winter and sets goals to improve themselves. Maybe you plan to set a goal to lose weight, now that you can exercise outside, learn a new skill or get promoted. All of these are great ideas. http://www.eclassifiedsnetwork.com/8821/1686/home-improvement

Is that enough to build up a following against not only the likes of Porch.com and Angie’s List, but also the brick-and-mortar sources of home renovation such as Lowe’s and Home Depot? “A lot of companies are providing more of a lead generation services, trying to connect up consumers with a pro,” said CEOMatt Williams. “We’re much more about the actual act of getting a job done – what is it you’re trying to get done, how much money it will cost and then let’s help you find someone who’s the right person for the job.” Williams’s startup experience is another advantage for Pro.com; the Amazon alumnus is a former CEOof online news aggregator Digg. http://www.king5.com/news/technology/Seattle-startup-throws-hardhat-into-web-based-home-improvement-arena-260109321.html


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