Crimea: Holiday Wonderland? – Forbes

The most pressing issue right now is to create a direct road and rail connection with Russia across the Kerch Strait. Here the distance is just 4.5km at its narrowest, and negotiations are reportedly underway with state-owned Chinese construction companies and development banks to build a bridge and possibly a tunnel. One sticking point is financing, especially as the Russian economy weakens under the tightening sanctions regimes. But this is a sine qua non if the regional economy is to have any chance of further development.

Conservationists Save Africa’s Lions by Getting Inside the Lion Killers’ Minds – Yahoo News

The Barabaig all started showing up to recharge their cellphones, she says, meaning they could talk to the researchers without looking like a snitch. Eventually, the Barabaig agreed to take one of the Tanzanian assistants with them, and they showed us seven carcasses of lions, all very fresh. They told us, We kill lions and hyenas all the time. Over an 18-month period, just around that one tiny village the research team recorded 35 lion kills. All of the lions had their right front paw cut off, which turned out to be a key to the Barabaigs anti-predator culture. When there is a problem lion, lots of guys go on the hunt, says Dickman, eventually cornering the lion.


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