Obama’s Approval Bounces Up To 46% – Forbes

But he has increased his support among Democrats from 77% to 83%, liberals (76% to 82%), moderates (51% to 53%), African Americans (76% to 91%), and the Investor Class (47% to 52%). His support among Hispanics has held steady with 65% approving and 31% disapproving. While only 26% see the country heading in the right direction and 58% say things are off on the wrong track, Congress approval has dropped from 22% to 18% and disapproval has moved from 62% to 76%. http://www.forbes.com/sites/johnzogby/2014/08/17/obamas-approval-bounces-up-to-46/

Top 500 U.S. E-Retailers – Ideeli relaunches as ideel – Internet Retailer

Hybrid means some variation of a site is being decided on the server, before content is delivered. As B2B e-commerce companies face increasing competition, MarketLive founder and CEO Ken … Posted 07/07/2014 8:59 AM 0 Ask The Experts Do I have to collect sales tax in California if my company has a fulfillment cente… Yes, that fulfillment center represents a physical presence in California. http://www.internetretailer.com/2014/08/18/ideeli-relaunches-ideel


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