“you Gotta Take Advantage Of It:” Jared Abbrederis Living A Dream On Second Day Of Packers Training Camp | Fox6now.com

You gotta try and do whatever you can to make the team and have an impact, you know. Obviously, we have a lot of great guys back there. (Micah) Hydes back there and (Randall) Cobb is and a couple others have been back there, so theres guys who have experience and have done a good job, but if I can do something, you know, Id like to be able to do that as well, Abbrederis said. When asked specifically if hes big enough and strong enough to be durable in theNFL, a concern some have about him, Abbrederis says yes. Room for improvement, but yes. Hell start to find out for sure on Monday, July 28th when pads go on for the first time in Training Camp. http://fox6now.com/2014/07/27/you-gotta-take-advantage-of-it-jared-abbrederis-living-a-dream-on-second-day-of-packers-training-camp/


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