Home-price Gains Decelerate In Many Metro Areas During Second Quarter – Yahoo Finance

Carlos Overpass Construction To Start In Spring

Lawrence Yun , NAR chief economist, says price increases are balancing out to the benefit for both buyers and sellers. “National median home prices began their most recent rise during the first quarter of 2012 but had climbed to unsustainable levels given the current pace of inflation and wage growth,” he said. “At this slower but healthier rate, homeowners can continue steadily building equity. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/home-price-gains-decelerate-many-140000973.html

Connect With Me: CARLOS, Texas – An intersection with a deadly history is changing soon. TxDOT plans to build an overpass in Carlos on State Highway 30 at F-M 244. Those plans include tearing down a 70-plus year old store Cars zip down Highway 30, a well traveled road between College Station and Huntsville and right past this intersection at F-M 244. http://www.kbtx.com/home/headlines/Carlos-Overpass-Construction-To-Start-In-Spring-271458601.html


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